What Our Clients Say

Thank you, Donaldson Williams!

“We are so grateful for everyone’s help through this very difficult time! Your professionalism, kindness, and compassion are unsurpassed, and we could not have been more pleased with the results you provided for us. The information you provided was always clear and I was amazed that we completed the program well within the time frame quoted. The days are much brighter without the weight of that tremendous load of debt over our heads.”
Rich W. / Commercial Pilot

“We are really thankful to Donaldson Williams. Marie, Erin and Linda were with us every step of the way. They were all so helpful and honest. We would recommend them to everyone we know. It’s a great feeling to be debt free. Thank you Donaldson Williams!”
Karen S. / Claims Adjuster

“We recently used Donaldson Williams service and were very pleased with the outcome. The staff could not have been more helpful and trustworthy during this difficult time. They kept us informed throughout the process, and settled every account to our satisfaction. We do not know what we would have done if it was not for the great help that Marie and her staff provided us. Thanks Donaldson Williams for everything!”
Mike K / Equipment Operator

“We highly recommend Donaldson Williams for debt settlement. Customer service was excellent. We didn’t have to deal with annoying creditors since they handled all communication in a professional manner. Thanks to their help we are now living a debt-free life!”
Katherine V. / Human Resources Coordinator

“Really customer focused. I am very pleased with the results accomplished. The DW team (Marie, Linda, Erin) really show what dedication to a customer should be. Each of them kept me informed and up to speed during the whole process, and they were able to settle *every* account. I was using another company before, for around 6 months, and one day researching settlement companies I saw their name and sent them an email. The very next day Marie called me, very politely and passionately explained to me now their company works, and what they could do for me. I am really glad I decided to switch to Donaldson Williams. Ladies, you definitely rock!”
Ricardo B / Regional Commercial Manager

“I found Donaldson Williams through an online search for debt settlement. Very soon I was talking with Marie and her co-workers. She and her team were an absolute answer to my prayers. I was so deep in debt I could not sleep at night and I got that way from being sick and hospitalized a lot and being too kind to family members, never being able to say no. I was so afraid when I first started this program, as there are so many dishonest people trying to take your money. But you won’t have this problem with DW. I could not have found a more reputable group of people. I just can’t thank them enough. They brought me from owing $70,000 to being debt-free in 3 years. If you want someone to go to work for you and to really help, you have come to the right place.”
Linda M / Professor of Nursing

“I wish I had known about Donaldson Williams from the start. Unfortunately I did not do my research and got involved with a debt resolution company that took money from me without settling any of my accounts. When I wised up and transferred to Donaldson Williams. They are professional, kind and do what they say they are going to do. All of my accounts were settled in about 6 months. Great job and thanks so much!”
Danielle / PC Systems Analyst

“Excellent Service. From the first conversation with Marie, to the last of settlement payments, the customer service I experienced was amazing. This was a difficult time in my life and I really didn’t know where to turn. You know where you stand through the entire process and if you have questions, all you have to do is ask. Your calls/emails will be returned very quickly and you won’t ever feel like you are asking a ‘dumb question’.”
Beth H / Personal Trainer

“The people at Donaldson Williams were very professional and provided excellent customer service. Their ability to negotiate with companies helped us reduce our payoff amounts substantially. This process did not happen over-night, but they continued to work with us and keep us informed of our options during the process that took about two years to complete. We feel completely satisfied with the services provided by Donaldson Williams and we would recommend them to anyone who needs their type of services.”
Virgil K / High School Principal

“I researched many debt resolution companies. If you do not call Marie at Donaldson Williams you are missing out. Marie and her staff, Erin, Linda and Angelo are very honest people. With 12 credit cards and $35,000 in debt I am now debt free in only a year and a half. You will not find a better company to with than DW. Thank you, DW.”
Lenny M / Retired

“DW is wonderful! Best financial decision I’ve made in a long time. Marie, Linda & Erin are top notch! From the first phone call with Marie to my very last settlement, this experience has been better than I ever expected and I kick myself for not doing it 2 years ago. I started with $47K+ and everything was settled within a year. I am thrilled with the results & a huge weight has been lifted. DW made a difficult and embarrassing situation comfortable and stress-free. They are honest, straightforward and will answer all of your questions throughout the process. I have nothing but praise for DW and I’m so grateful for their help.”
H.T. / Attorney

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