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Zwicker & Associates – Some Things You Should Know

Zwicker and AssociatesIf you’ve received a letter from Zwicker and Associates PC, there’s a pretty good chance that a credit card company is thinkingDonaldson Williams about suing you for an unpaid bill – probably American Express, Discover or Chase.

So, what should you do now?

The last thing you want to do is ignore them because the situation is likely to escalate and get worse. Don’t panic however, because there are solutions.

Get a Letter from Zwicker and Associates?

Here are the Steps…

American Express – If American Express sent your account to Zwicker and Associates PC they will sue you because American Express is one of the most aggressive creditors, and very quick to send their accounts off to Zwicker. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen accounts that weren’t even 60 days delinquent end up with Zwicker’s office for the purpose of litigation.

If you can afford to resolve your past due American Express account with Zwicker before a lawsuit is filed, this is your best option, but of course it depends on the stage of delinquency. You see, Zwicker & Associates is limited on what they can do by how far delinquent your account is. In this case, it’s probably best to hire a debt settlement professional to represent you, either a lawyer or a debt negotiation company, one of whom will be very familiar with American Express settlement guidelines.

Can you try to do this on your own? Absolutely; however, several years of experience tells me that most people’s approach to Zwicker & Associates simply doesn’t work. Knowledge is key, and if you’re in a position to settle your account, you’ll do yourself a huge favor by contacting a professional to assist you. In the end, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money, even after paying professional fees for services rendered. If you’re not in a position to settle your account, it is highly likely that you can enter into a payment arrangement with Zwicker & Associates. Of course, you can re-visit settlement at a later date, if funds happen to materialize at some point in the future.

If you’d like to talk about your situation and your options, feel free to contact our office.

Discover Financial Services – If your Discover account was turned over to Zwicker and Associates they may or may not sue you. However, once a Discover account ends up with Zwicker, if you want to settle the account, don’t expect to settle for much less than 80% of the balance – at this time. I emphasize “at this time”, because as of this writing, we are seeing other law firms settling Discover accounts for nearer to 50% of the balance. It is my assumption that Zwicker & Associates will start to follow suit. Of course, it’s not easy, and you’ll have to know what you’re doing, or hire a professional, but it can be done.

As of this writing (May 15, 2014), we are currently encouraging our clients to enter into a payment agreement with Zwicker & Associates, and re-visit the matter after we’ve settled all of their other accounts. Once we have the other accounts settled, we are hoping that Zwicker & Associates will have caught up with the new guidelines, and be willing to settle Discover accounts for a reasonable percentage of the balance.

If you’d like to discuss your situation and options regarding your Discover account, which has been placed with Zwicker & Associates, please contact us so that we may point you in the right direction.

Chase Card Services – If you have a Chase account that was assigned to Zwicker and Associates, there’s a 50/50 chance that you will be sued. If you believe that you’ll eventually be able to come up with enough money to settle your account (probably around 40%-50% of the balance), but you don’t have these funds immediately, don’t worry – you have some time. Once Zwicker contacts you with a letter, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits collection agencies and law firms from taking any legal action until after 30 days from the date of their original letter.

If this time passes, and you eventually receive a summons stating that Zwicker & Associates is suing you on behalf of Chase, you’ll want to file an answer to avoid a default judgment from being entered. After doing so, you’ll receive a court date in the mail. But, there’s a good chance you’ll never need to appear in court as long as you make the necessary arrangements to pay off your account via debt settlement prior to that assigned court date.

Please keep in mind that if you do not have sufficient funds to settle your account,  you can also look into payment arrangements for your Chase account. Of course, you’ll have to do so directly with Zwicker & Associates, as once the account has been assigned to Zwicker & Associates, Chase is prohibited from working with you.

Please feel free to contact our office if you’d like to discuss your delinquent Chase account, and your available options.

Have you received a letter from Zwicker & Associates for a creditor not listed above?

If Zwicker & Associates is contacting you for an account not listed above, feel free to contact our office for additional information; you’ll be pleasantly surprised that we will not try to convince you to hire our firm to represent you. We will give you honest, straightforward answers. On the other hand, if you should decide to hire our company to assist you, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by just how reasonable our fees are.

Hopefully this information has been of assistance to you, but if you need additional information on what may or may not take place with Zwicker & Associates, feel free to contact us.

marie_meggeHave Excessive Credit Card Debt? If so, I invite you to Request A Free Consultation. All information you share with us is 100% confidential and there is never any obligation. You’ll receive an honest assessment of your situation with specific recommendations.

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  1. alecia perryman says

    Zwiger and associates servrd me papers amd I responded but have not heard anyhting yet. the discover card bill was a bill that my ex husband was court ordered to pay.

    • says

      Hello Alecia,
      I know a summons can be stressful. How much was the lawsuit for? Do you have any additional debts with other creditors that you are needing to resolve as well? Is your ex husband named in the suit? His he planning on resolving the matter per the divorce decree?

  2. Matt says

    Hi – Discover has threatened to turn my account over to Zwicker at the end of the month. I am currently in a settlement program with Freedom Debt Relief, though I only have about $200 so far in the dedicated account. I owe Discover about $7k and I am about 3 months delinquent… FDR says that they work with Zwicker all the time and that they will handle the communications as long as I keep them informed, but I have a feeling I’m going to get sued and my wages garnished before I have a chance to come up with anything substantial to offer as a lump-sum settlement… What should I do??

    FYI – I have one more creditor in my FDR portfolio that I owe about $9k that I have not heard from in months.

  3. Kim W says

    I had my Discover account turned over to Zwicker, they were working with my husband on getting payments, as we were unable to pay the full amount they wanted. They quit calling my husband to arrange payment and now I’ve been served with a summons.

    • Marie Megge says

      Hi Kim,

      Financial difficulties are troubling, frustrating and scary, and receiving a summons only adds to your worries. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this.

      First, take a deep breath and don’t panic; one way or another you will get this resolved. Filing an answer to this summons is absolutely mandatory to avoid having a default judgment filed against you (depending on what state you’re in, a default judgment can result in garnishment of wages, etc.). I suggest filing your answer as near to the deadline as possible, as this will “buy” you some time to determine what it is you can do to resolve this debt, and hopefully avoid the necessity to appear in court.

      I’ll send you an email shortly to provide additional details; perhaps we can help you determine your best option. We’re looking forward to helping in any way we can.

      Marie Megge

  4. Denise says

    My husband signed us up with Freedom Debt Relief nine months ago. Unfortunately my husband passed away a week ago. Now, today I learned he was to be served a summons from Zwicker & Associates from Discover Card. What should I do? The bearer of bad news said they may turn around & serve me since he died. Can they do that?

    • Marie Megge says

      Hi Denise,

      First, I’d like to extend my sincere condolences to you regarding your husband’s passing. I’m not sure if this was expected or not, but no matter the circumstances, one is never prepared for such a devastating loss. You certainly don’t need to be dealing with this lawsuit issue.

      I will be sending you an email to obtain additional information, such as whether or not you were a co-applicant on this account and a few other factors to be considered. I can tell you this much, though. A few years ago we had a client whose husband was deceased. There were several outstanding credit cards in his name, and our client was not a co-applicant, and was, therefore, not liable for these accounts. There was no estate; therefore, the creditors understood that they were not going to be re-paid these outstanding debts. In this particular situation, however, our client’s husband was expecting to die, and as a result, he and our client were able to get their affairs in order prior to his passing. I’m not certain if this is the case with you, but I’m hoping to learn more so that I may point you in the right direction.

      Again, Denise, I’m very sorry. I’ll be in touch soon.

      Marie Megge

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