Michigan Debt Consolidation

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Michigan Debt ConsolidationIt certainly isn’t a secret to anyone around here that Michigan has been one of the hardest states hit by the economic downturn over the last few years. Many Michigan consumers are struggling to get out of debt and turn things around financially. They instinctively know that continuing to make high interest rate credit card payments is just going to hinder their ability to climb back out of a financial hole.

Researching online for help from local debt relief professionals that actually understand what Michigan consumers are dealing with is an important first step for consumers struggling to keep up on their bills. I recently did a Google search for Michigan Debt Consolidation and I was surprised that nobody on the first page offering help was even located in the State of Michigan. They were all national companies, some of them even masquerading as local companies but were actually located in a different state.

Michigan Debt Consolidation

I certainly don’t have a problem with national companies looking to assist Michigan consumers. In fact we help consumers all over the country to resolve their debt issues as well. We do however Donaldson Williamshave a very unique understanding of what Michigan consumers are dealing with specifically because we also live and work here.

If you are a Michigan consumer struggling with high interest rate credit cards and other debts you do have several options to consolidate your debt or even get rid of it all together. You should mainly research debt consolidation loans, credit counseling, debt settlement and bankruptcy.

At Donaldson Williams, we have been successfully helping consumers to negotiate and settle their debts for over 5 years. Debt settlement is potentially a great strategy for consumers that are unable to afford the payments in a credit counseling program and either can’t qualify or wish to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

We offer free consultations and financial reviews to help you determine whether or not a debt settlement strategy is the best solution for you to consolidate your debts. We charge no fees until successful settlements are reached with your creditors, so we will not bring you on as a client unless a settlement is your best option.

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marie_meggeHave Excessive Credit Card Debt? If so, I invite you to Request A Free Consultation. All information you share with us is 100% confidential and there is never any obligation. You’ll receive an honest assessment of your situation with specific recommendations.

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